Chaturthi Fast- Get blessings of Lord Ganesha

Chaturthi fast – Fasting on 4th day after no moon is considered to be one of most auspicious fasting, as fasting on this day pleases Lord Ganesha. The fast is very popular in India. Here are the details of Chaturthi fast, this article covers all information including the mantras in detail. Read till the end.

There are 3 types of Chaturthi

  • Shiva

The fourth day after no moon in the month of Bhadrapada (September) is called Shiva. Any good deed like sacred bath, donation, chanting and fasting reaps 100 times results.

What should be donated?

Jaggery, Salt and Ghee

What should be done?

Offer Malpua to the priests.

Special note

– Girls who want to get married should keep fast on this day and married women should offer Malpua made from Jaggery to father in law and mother in law. This ensures that the women will enjoy the marital bliss.

  • Shanta

    – Fourth day after no moon in the month of Magha (January/February) is called Shanta. The one who fasts on this day gets everlasting peace, that is why it is called Shanta. The deeds done on this day are folded 1000 times by the blessings of Lord Ganesha.

What should be done
– Keep fast on this day, perform Yajna of Lord Ganesha ( if you do not know the complete process, get the Yajna done with the help of Brahmins) and donate Salt, Jaggery, Vegetables and Malpua made from Jaggery to brahmins.
  • Sukha

    – Fourth day of any month after no moon which is coming on Tuesday, is called Sukha Chaturthi. According to Sanatan Dharma scriptures Mars is the child of earth, incarnated by the splendor of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. He was red in color and because he was son of earth which is also called Bhumi, Mars was called Bhaum. He is protector of body hence he was called “angaraka”.

One should keep fast on the Chaturthi falling on Tuesday, where as he should first worship Lord Ganesha followed by worshiping Mars with red sandal and red flowers. The one who does this is blessed with elegance, fortune and prosperity.

The procedure

After taking bath (preferably near river) take clean soil and chant this mantra

इह त्वं वन्दिता पूर्वं कृष्णेनोध्दरता किल |

तस्मान्मे दह पाप्मानं यन्मया पूर्वसंचितम् ||

Now show this soil to Sun and mix with Ganges water, apply this mixture on your head and other organs.  Now stand in water and recite this mantra

त्वमापो योनिः सर्वेषां दैत्यदानवधौकसाम |

स्वेदाण्डजोभिद्द्दां चैव रसानां पतये नमः ||

Now assume that you are taking bath in all holy places and river and than touch following this with reciting following mantra


त्वं दूर्वेSमृतनमासि सर्वदेवैस्तु वन्दिता |

वन्दिता दह तत्सर्वं दुरितं यन्मया कृतम ||


पवित्राणां पवित्रा त्वं काश्यपी प्रथिता श्रुतो |

शमी शमय मे पापं नूनं वेत्सि धराधरान ||

Peepal tree

नेत्रस्पन्दादिजं दुःखं दु:स्वप्नम् दुर्विचिन्तनम् |

शक्तानां च समुध्योगमश्वस्थ त्वं क्षमस्व मे ||


First walk around cow in clockwise pattern and touch the cow with this mantra

सर्वदेवमयी देवी मुनिभिस्तु सुपूजिता |

तस्मात स्पृशामि वन्दे त्वाम् वन्दिता पापहा भव ||

The one who circles around cow, get result of circling the earth.

Than get yourself cleaned again and perform yajna with cutch tree branches with the materials like Ghee, milk, barley, sesame like edibles. Offer 108 oblations ( or according to strength of individual with following mantras )

  1. ॐ शर्वाय स्वाहा
  2. ॐ शर्वपुत्राय स्वाहा
  3. ॐ क्षोण्युत्सङगभवाय स्वाहा
  4. ॐ कुजाय स्वाहा
  5. ॐ ललिताङ्गाय स्वाहा
  6. ॐ लोहिताङ्गाय स्वाहा

After the yajna, one should take an idol of Lord Ganesha and Mars made from silver, Gold, sandal wood or cedar wood, place in the idol in the vessel made from copper or silver. Than worship the idols with Ghee, kumkum, red sandal powder, red flowers, and food to be offered.

If the native can not afford the above said, he should simply take vessel made of copper, soil or bamboo tree, draw picture of lord Ganesha and Mars with saffron and kumkum and do the offering.

Along with the priest, the idol should be worshiped with the appropriate mantras from Veda, than native should offer this idol along with Ghee, milk, rice, wheat, jaggery or the material he can afford to the priest.

One must perform only what is affordable to him, but to the best what he can afford.

One should do 4 Chaturthi fasts. Bhavishya Purana says the one who does this fast with faith and devotion will have magnificence like Sun and luster like Moon, will be as powerful as the air. Even the one who hears the importance of the story will be relieved from dreadful sins.



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