Dwitiya tithi fasting- Get boon of elegance and beauty

Importance of dwitiya tithi (second day after no moon)- What benefits one gains if he/she fast on dwitiya, how this date is considered the date of longevity, elegance and beauty

Dwitiya tithi fasting-get blessings of Ashvini kumaras


There is a story associated with Dwitiya tithi.

In Satyuga there was a king named Sharyati, who used to live near the river of Ganges. Once he was travelling with this army and when he approached the ashram of Rishi Chyavan, he took bath in river Ganges, offered prayers to Deities and paid oblation to the forefathers. But suddenly his army started becoming distraught. Their excretory flow got stopped suddenly. In his mind King Sharyati thought definitely something has went wrong.

His daughter Sukanya came to him and said- Father there was something weird happened. There was an anthill from which I could see two lamps and there was voice coming from it saying-Come here! Come here! So I took a strand and pricked those lamps and suddenly the lamps went off and the voice also stopped.

King understood that his daughter has done something terribly wrong so he rushed towards that anthill with his daughter. Inside that anthill there was Rishi Chyavan, since he was meditating there from so long, there was anthill formed above him.

King asked for forgiveness from Rishi, saying she is immature and in her innocence she has done this terrible mistake. Rishi said he forgave her, but king should get his daughter get married to him. King accepted this immediately, and army got relieved.

The princess started living with Rishi, performing all her duties as obedient wife. Once the Rishi called Sukanya with the wish of having offspring. Sukanya requested Rishi to morph himself as young and stylish person.

Rishi replied that he is a poor sage and do not have enough wealth to look like one. Sukanya said nothing is impossible with the power of his penance. Rishi said he will not waste the energy of penance for a mere reproduction task. So both returned to their actual task, Rishi started performing his spiritual tasks and Sukanya started serving his husband again.

After sometime, Ashvini kumars (the deities of medicines) visits the places and saw Sukanya and asked who was she and what was she doing in this jungle, she introduced herself as daughter of King Sharyati and wife of Rishi Chyavan. They said, “what you will get marrying an old sage, you get married to one of us!” in reply Sukanya says, you should not say things like that, I am dedicated to my husband.

They said if that is the thing, let us do one thing, we will cure your husband while taking a bath in Ganges, we three will go together and come out of Ganges, and the one you select will be your husband. She replied I will have to ask my husband first.

Rishi Chyavan agreed at once, so all three (Rishi Chyavan, and 2 Ashvinis) take a dive in water, and while returning looked the same, three of them young and styled with lavish clothes and ornaments. It was very difficult to find out who Rishi Chyavan was since she only saw him in the get up of old sage. So Sukanya started praying- “O lord! My husband was god to me even when he was ugly, and I did not abandon him than, there is no question I will chose anyone else now. Please help me, I surrender to you.”

Ashvinis got happy and took characteristics of Deities, Sukanya saw feet of two of them was above ground and their eyes were not blinking. Based on that she concluded the third one was her husband and she chose him. Upon this action, the deities from heaven showered flowers on them.

Chyavan Rishi said- Lord! You have done such huge favour to me, how could I ever repay your debt. As the one who does not return favours suffer in 21 hells.

Ashvini kumars said- other deities get share from the yajna, we do not. If you could get us share in Yajna. Rishi Chyavan agreed. Here the news of Rishi Chyavan getting younger reached father in law, Sharyati, so he came to visit at the Ashram. Rishi said- King! Arrange materials for Maha Yajna. King Sharyati obeyed the rishi, came back to his kingdom and started collecting the materials for Maha Yajna.

On the day of Yajna, all Brahmins (priests) came, along with Rishi Chyavan and his wife Sukanya. All deities along with their King Indra came to take their respective share of Yajna and so the Ashvini kumars also came, called by Rishi Chyavan. Lord Indra objected the presence of Ashvini kumars saying, Ashvinis are doctors of deity and hence are not entitled for the share on Yajna.

Rishi Chyavan said- Ashvini kumars have done huge favour to me and they are here on my invitation and hence I will definitely give them their share, listening to this Indra became very angry and said if you give them the share I will strike you with Vajra. Rishi did not move with this threat and while he was giving Ashvini kumars their share, Indra actually strike Rishi with Vajra, but Rishi froze Indra with his powers and Indra stood there with Vajra in his hand. Rishi gave the Ashvini kumars their share and completed his oath.

And then creator of this universe Brahma arrived and said and requested Rishi to unfreeze Indra. On Brahma’s request Rishi unfroze Indra. To this Indra said “I did this to create fame of you and your penance. From now on Ashvini kumars will be treated as deities and will get their share in Yajna. The one, who will listen to this chapter, will be blessed with youthfulness. “Saying the deities returned to heaven and Rishi returned to his Ashram where he saw his Ashram was turned into palace, decorated with precious stones, the surroundings are covered with gardens and there are plenty of clothes and ornaments. Rishi understood that it has been given by Indra and thanked him for this. So on Dwititya tithi Ashvini kumars got the position as Deities, hence Dwitiya tithi has special blessings of Ashvini kumars.

The one who keeps fast starting from Kartikeya month on second day (Dwitiya tithi) of waxing moon for twelve months, eating very less and consuming only suitable to each season, should end the 12th fast after offering Lotus flower or flower made of gold and silver, Ashvini kumars shall give them boon of grace and beauty. After death he goes to heaven and reincarnated either as king or extremely knowledge and generous person.

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