How did Lord Ganesha became lord of Obstacles

Ever wondered why Lord Ganesha was awarded the lord of Obstacles and why is he called Obstacle destroyer? Here is the complete story how Lord Ganesha got his right over obstacles

Lord Ganesha

Once Lord Kartikeya was writing his research on characteristics of female based on the physical appearance. While in the flow, Ganesha obstructed him and Kartikeya got angry on Ganesha and remove one of his tusk and was aiming to hit him. On that moment Lord Shiva came and stopped him from doing so.

And Lord Shiva asked- Son ! What happened? Why did you remove Ganesha’s tusk and why are you trying to hurt him ?

Kartikeya replied- Father, I was trying to write Characteristics of females based on physical appearance after finishing doing the same for males. And Ganesha obstructed me so I got angry.

Lord Shiva smiled and asked- If you have completed writing about male, tell me about me.

Kartikeya replied- Father based on your persona, you will be famous as “Kapali” (holder of skull). Hearing this, Lord Shiva got angry and threw the book into the sea which Kartikeya was writing.

Later Lord Shiva called Lord of Sea and told him, use the material written by Kartikeya about male and write one on female. So the lord of Sea replied- “I shall fulfill your command, but since I shall be finished this, I should be pronounce the author of this book ”

Then lord Shiva addressed Kartikeya- Son ! return the tusk to Ganesha, definitely whatever happened was part of destiny. Your research will be completed by Lord of Sea and will be called Samudra Shashtra ( Script written by Sea). If you want you can receive the characteristics of female from Samudra. Now return the tusk to Ganesha.

Kartikeya replied- Since you insist, I shall return the tusk, but he will have to keep this, if he looses this and roams around he will get be set on fire. Lord Shiva got Ganesha to agreed on this. This is the reason why in certain idols of Lord Ganesha you will find he is holding one tusk in his hand.

But why did Ganesha obstructed Kartikeya?

The answer is, in Satyuga, all the tasks of everyone were getting accomplished without any obstacles or hindrance. So the individuals started getting egoistic on their achievements. So to keep free of arrogance, and to keep them polite, obstacles were created and Lord Ganesha through this incident was announced the Lord of Obstacles. The one who worships him is blessed by obstacle free run in life. (Worshiping also means being humble and accepting the superiority of almighty over us)

Hope Lord Ganesha will shower his blessing on all of us and our lives will be smooth and obstacle free !

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