Jupiter transit in Scorpio 2018-2019

Jupiter transit in Scorpio in 2018-2019

Jupiter transit in 2018

Jupiter is transiting in Scorpio in October 2018, find the dates. Jupiter one of the most important planet when it comes to Vedic astrology

Jupiter transit in 2018

11/10/2018- Jupiter transits in Scorpio

29/03/2019- Jupiter will transit in Sagittarius

  • 06/04/2019- Jupiter will start reverse motion towards Scorpio
  • 07/04/2019- 12/04/2019- Jupiter will be stationary.
  • 13/04/2019- 22/04/2019- Jupiter will be retrograde

23/04/2019- Jupiter  will return to Scorpio

  • 10/08/2019-13/08/2019- Jupiter will be stationary

05/11/2019- Jupiter will transit into Sagittarius

Scorpio being eight sign in Kaala- Purusha, eight house denotes

  • Death
  • Longevity
  • Sudden incidents
  • Fear
  • Accidents
  • Inheritance etc

Overall, there will be some financial fears and reserve-ness in this period of Jupiter’s transit into Scorpio, but how it will impact individual will be dependant on the position of Jupiter in individual chart.

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