Tritiya fast- For intact and prosperous married life

Tritiya fast (fasting on third day after no moon) has been prescribed by Goddess Parvati to Dharmaraja

Goddess says, the lady who performs this fast, will enjoy her marital bliss, as I do with Lord Shiva. One should not eat salt on this day, in the evening, food without salt can be consumed.

The one who is fasting, should make idol of Goddess Parvati and offer her various dishes, she should sleep where the idol has been established. Next day, she should eat after offering food to the priests.

Who got benefited by this fast

  1. Indrani- Wife of Lord Indra, who kept this fast with the wish of Son and she got blessed by Son named Jayant.
  2. Arundhati- She did this fast to attain higher level, and she attained the highest level and became star and can be seen with her husband Vashishtha in the sky.
  3. Moon had 27 wives and Rohini wanted to have the special place. She kept the fast and got her place as main wife.

When to keep this fast

  1. In the month of Magha- According to western calendar falls in January/February. On this day Jaggery and salt should be donated.To please lord Shiva,  Water and Modak should be offered.
  2. In the month of Bhadrapad- According to western calendar, in August/September. On this day Malpua made from jaggery should be offered.
  3. In the month of Vaishakha- Usually falls in April. One should donate as much as possible on this day. As it is said, donation done on this day, reaps everlasting results, that is why it is also called Akshay Tritiya. But the person who is doing fast should offer water mixed with sandal and Modak, this offering please all deities along with Lord Brahma.

So, if you want to enjoy the marital bliss, do the fasts prescribed by Goddess Parvati, do not consume salt and do the donations as prescribed.

From Bhavishya  Purana- Chapter 21

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